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Know More About Costa Rican Coffee

Posted by Meera Nair on

Recently, we explored what Indonesian coffees are like and what exactly it took for the country to rise to the forefront in the coffee industry.

This deep dive into coffee-producing countries reflects just how intricate their history of growing coffee has been and emphasises the need to pay due credit for what they’ve brought to the coffee market.

In this post, we will understand more about Costa Rican coffee.

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Unusual Coffee Flavours You Have Probably Never Heard Of

Posted by Meera Nair on

People have unique tastes. And to cater to their individual palate preferences, the world of F&B has several unusual items to offer. 

When we say unusual, we don’t just mean coffees like kopi luwak, which certainly has an interesting processing method. We’re talking about aromas and ingredients that you would never have imagined to find in your cup of joe!

Once you read about these 5 unusual coffee flavours, you’ll truly begin to wonder how they were even invented in the first place.

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Blue Batak: What Placed Indonesia on the Global Coffee Map?

Posted by Meera Nair on

That Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks that everyone seems to like? Where do you think the term Java comes from?

When commercialization of coffee surged in different parts of the world, an Indonesian island called Java was amongst the first to fuel the momentum of coffee production in the country.

And it is said that till today, the term Java has become akin to that of coffee. Sure, the Java Chip in the drink may be a substitute for chocolate chips, but that is the power of Indonesian coffees.

Knowing more about the land that birthed some of the best coffees in the world would surely give you better insight into what it means to be consuming Indonesian coffee. 

So, keep reading to know all about how Indonesia made it to the global coffee map, ranking in the top 5 countries producing coffee in the world. 

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Mistakes You Could Be Making When Brewing Pour-Over Coffee

Posted by Meera Nair on

You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going.” 

This quote by Jack Canfield holds true for many things in life as it does for learning the art to brew a solid cup of coffee.

One of our previous blog posts delved into the ins and outs of pour-over coffee. If you’ve read that and begun making pour-over coffee at home, you’re well on your way to perfecting the practice.

With every successive brew, it is likely you may unintentionally make some mistakes that could be holding you back. But, know that this is only normal and with time (and tips from this post), those errors will be a thing of the past.

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Single Origin vs. Coffee Blends - What Should You Pick?

Posted by Meera Nair on

Unless you religiously drink coffee or are intrigued enough by the industry to learn about it, there’s only a small chance that you’d be familiar with all the coffee-related terminologies. 

After all, who wants to read up about coffee jargon if they don’t really pay too much attention to what coffee they are drinking.

Coffees come of various types demarcated by the source, growth conditions, roasting process, grinding process, etc. 

Either way, two terms that you may have likely heard of are single origin and blends. So what’s the fuss behind it, and why are people sometimes divided over the two?

In this post, we’re going to deep-dive into what these terms mean and what may be the right choice for you.

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