Chai, Choc & Lattes

Buy the iconic Bondi Chai right here folks! As well as the beautifully decadent Kali drinking chocolates and more.
9 Spice Fresh Chai - 250g beancraft
9 Spice Chai Dust Garnish- 250g beancraft
Bondi Chai - Club Cinnamon - 250g beancraft
Bondi Chai - Vanilla Honey - 250g beancraft
Kali Original Drinking Chocolate - 250g Kali
Kali Dark Drinking Chocolate - 250g Kali
Kali Couverture Sprinkle Garnish - 250g Kali
Kali Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans - 80g Kali
Turmeric Latte - 100g HUE
Matcha Latte - 100g HUE
Red Velvet Latte - 100g HUE
Beetroot Latte - 100g HUE