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What Makes Australian Coffee Culture Unique

Posted by Meera Nair on

Coffee enthusiasts have so much to benefit from the cultures of the world.

Each of these cultures brings something interesting and unique to the coffee landscape, just like how filter kaapi that has become popular, wound its way from Indian to other corners of the globe.

The Australian coffee scene is no different.

Touted as one of the best places in the world for coffee, Australia’s coffee culture is quite unique due to various reasons.

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How Efficient is the Direct Trade Model

Posted by Meera Nair on

For the average coffee drinker, thoughts about how the coffee has been bought or what channels it has gone through before being placed on a store shelf are not high up on the priority list.

And that’s understandable.

You are ultimately concerned about the end product since that is what you’ll be consuming.

But if you are interested in knowing more, one term that you should be familiar with is direct trade coffee.

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How to Care For Your Home Espresso Machine

Posted by Meera Nair on

Getting to drink fresh cups of coffee in the morning (or when you so desire it) is great. But when it comes to the upkeep, that’s where some of us tend to slack off. 

After all, it just seems like such a tedious task. And home espresso machines have quite a few components that need to be regularly maintained. 

But caring for your coffee equipment is just as important as caring for the quality of your brew. You can’t have one without the other.

So, here’s a nifty guide to maintaining your home espresso machine. Listed below are steps that you could take daily or weekly to ensure that your coffee machine is always in good shape.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Pour-Over Coffee

Posted by Meera Nair on

Pour-over coffee. The term itself sounds pretty self-explanatory.

But there’s a whole wealth of information you need to be armed with to truly appreciate the process and prepare your coffee the right way.

For a long time in coffee history, pour-over coffee reigned due to its several benefits (which we cover later in the blog) and also the context in which the method was discovered.

Even today, a lot of coffee shops will serve you pour-over coffee as it produces fresher coffee than machine-brewed one.

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Liberica and Excelsa: The Coffee Beans

Posted by Meera Nair on

By chance or otherwise, conversations pertaining to coffee tend to be peppered with mentions of only arabica and robusta.

Yes, they are two of the most widely used coffee beans. But by no means do they encompass the diversity of all the coffee plants that can be found in different regions of the globe.

You may find it difficult to comprehend why this is important, considering the cultural significance of coffee and the lack of exposure that the other coffee beans get. 

Even sources suggest that around 75% of coffee consumed in the world is brewed from arabica beans, and almost 20% of the rest is made up of robusta coffee.

What then of the other coffee variants?

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