6 Interesting Ways to Make Coffee Without Milk or Sugar

6 Interesting Ways to Make Coffee Without Milk or Sugar

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No matter how popular black coffee is, it is customary for people the world over to mix either milk or sugar in the coffee to make it more enjoyable. 

But what if you don’t like milk? What if you’re looking for healthier alternatives to refined sugar? Since these are not the only ingredients that can be used to brew a delicious cup of coffee, let’s take a look at 6 different ways to make coffee.

Spoiler alert - some of these may actually sound unpleasant but to each their own, right?

Coconut Oil/ Butter

Don’t look at us; we didn’t get this trend going! Known as bulletproof coffee, this drink has a velvety-smooth texture. It is made using a stick of butter or a dash of coconut oil. 

The reason this has become popular is that the MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) quotient in butter and coconut oil is said to improve your ability to focus and give you an added jolt of energy (surplus to what the caffeine in coffee already does).

This coffee is also a go-to recipe for those who are on a keto diet. Its flavour depends a lot on what coffee you use, how it has been roasted, and so on. But contrary to what you’re probably imagining, it tastes fine.

Protein Powder

Not as much of an unusual recipe, protein powder in coffee is something that people who are embracing fitness swear by.

protein powder in coffee

It helps you increase your protein intake, serves as a great pre or post-workout drink, and makes coffee taste good without other additives.

As for what it tastes like, use either unflavoured or chocolate-flavoured protein powders to complement your coffee. Make sure to add the powder gradually to a cup of hot coffee so it mixes well and doesn’t form clumps.

Tonic Water

Tonic water or club soda is a great alternative when you don’t want to use milk or cream of any kind to make your coffee.

This lets you enjoy a shot of espresso or black coffee without worrying too much about its bitterness. The sweetness in tonic water balances it out and makes the drink a lot more refreshing.

If the coffee blend you use has too much acidity, it might make this beverage a tad bit more overwhelming so consider that when you choose the coffee.

Iced Tea

A great summer beverage, iced coffee tea brings the best of both worlds. The idea is to add a shot of coffee to a glass of iced tea.

The tartness of tea gels well with the strong flavours of coffee to make an interesting drink that becomes more and more mellow as the ice melts.

If you don’t mind beverages that are complex in taste, you can also use a masala chai as the base for this no-milk drink.


While you’ve heard of spices being used to brew tea, it is not uncommon for different cultures to use them in making coffee.

A good cup of Arabic or Turkish coffee is bound to have flavours of cardamom, cinnamon, or cloves in it.

To brew your coffee with them, add the spices to a pan and brew your coffee on the stovetop.

This is especially a good idea for light-medium roasts or coffees that have a sweeter, floral flavour profile. The spices make it more complex without taking away from the taste of coffee.


Even if you’re not a fan of eggs, this one is worth trying. Eggs are a part of the recipe in a traditional Swedish coffee. 

how is egg coffee made

One raw egg is added to a bowl of ground coffee and mixed to create a thick paste. This is then brewed in a saucepan on the stove. As the heat works on the coffee, you’ll find clumps of the mixture rising to the top. Simply add all of it along with the brewed liquid to a French press and let the particles settle to the bottom.

What this does is, it results in a brew that isn’t bitter and doesn’t have acidity. It has a light colour and is clear in appearance (don’t worry, no yolk floating around in your coffee), but that doesn’t mean it tastes diluted.

Historically, this recipe was brought to America by the Scandinavians. It was formed to make poor-quality coffee better and make the most of the coffee available at that time as the egg absorbs the impurities in the coffee, making it taste far better.

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