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The Ultimate List of Coffee Terms Part 2

Posted by Meera Nair on

In our previous blog post, we explored some basic coffee-related words that every coffee enthusiast should be familiar with. 

Today, we are going to delve further into the world of coffee to highlight terms relating to the types of coffee drinks, the brewing methods, and other such details.

  • Espresso - The term “espresso” is used to refer to both the beverage itself and the brewing method. High water pressure combined with finely ground compact coffee allows for a concentrated shot of coffee that is the espresso. 
  • Cappuccino - One of the most popular coffee drinks around the world, a cappuccino is crafted through a perfectly balanced mix of an espresso shot, steamed milk, and milk foam.
  • Americano - A coffee beverage that is made by diluting espresso shot(s) with hot water, an Americano is a black coffee that is typically enjoyed as a long drink.
  • Mocha - When you hear the word “mocha”, it could refer to coffee grown specifically in the Mocha region of Yemen or even to a coffee beverage that has chocolate mixed into it. The latter is essentially because coffees grown in Mocha tend to have chocolate-tasting notes, and so over time, any coffee bean mixed with chocolate becomes known as a mocha coffee.
  • Flat White - When steamed milk is poured over an espresso, you get a flat white. The difference between this and a latte is that in flat white, the texture of milk used is velvety-smooth, and the volume of the drink is much less than in a latte.
  • Latte - While in a cappuccino the three elements are in equal ratio, in a latte, the steamed milk is more than the espresso shot, and the layer of foam on top is but a thin addition to the cup.
  • Macchiato - Adding a small dab of foamed milk on top of an espresso shot makes for a macchiato. It has a bold flavour and is much stronger in taste than a latte or cappuccino.
  • Affogato - This one's for all the dessert lovers. Take a bowl of ice cream, pour a shot (or two) of espresso, and you’ve got yourself an affogato.
what is an affogato
  • Decaf - Coffee that has been stripped of its caffeine is known as decaf coffee. This is usually done either through the Mountain Water Process or the Swiss Water Process and does not usually involve the use of chemicals. 
  • Café Au Lait - In a café au lait, the coffee and steamed milk are in equal proportions. This coffee beverage is from France and has been around for centuries ever since the French introduced the idea of adding milk to coffee.
  • Flavour Profile - The combination of sensory factors like taste, smell, and feel that define a cup of coffee is called its flavour profile. Coffee roasters attempt to bring out different nuances in a coffee’s flavour profile to improve its quality.
  • Filter Coffee - A form of brewing coffee, filter coffee is made by running hot water through ground coffee and letting the extracted brew collect in a vessel slowly. Paper, metal, and cloth filters are used in different types of filter coffee brewing.
  • French Press - The French press is a coffee brewing machine that is also known as a cafetière. This coffee maker is perfect for those who prefer their coffees to have a heavy body and rich flavour profile. 
  • Stovetop Pot - The stovetop Moka pot is one of the few coffee brewers that steeps coffee grounds in hot water to create the decoction. It uses the process of percolation to extract flavour compounds from the ground coffee. 
  • Pour Over - If you enjoy filter coffee, you might want to consider the pour-over setup. In this method, you pour hot water over coffee grounds placed in a filter, and the resulting brew is often referred to as drip coffee.
  • Portafilter - The portafilter is an important part of the espresso coffee machine. It is a small metal basket of sorts with a plastic handle that holds the coffee filter.
what is a portafilter
  • Puck - The coffee grounds in a portafilter that get compressed into a compact disc after an espresso shot has been prepared is known as a puck. This is because it is said to resemble a hockey puck.
  • Blade Grinder - Blade grinders are machines that use blades affixed at the bottom of the grinder to grind coffee beans. These can be an affordable and convenient option for those who are just starting to grind coffee by themselves.
  • Burr Grinder - Offering a more even grind size and consistency, burr grinders are superior coffee grinding machines that have revolving burrs.
  • Cup of Excellence - The Cup of Excellence (COE) is one of several competitions that recognises quality coffee, awards farmers for growing it, and enables the coffee farmer to sell the produce to buyers from across the world. 
  • Direct Trade - A system wherein the roaster sources coffee directly from farmers instead of through traders or any middlemen. Such an arrangement is often more beneficial for coffee producers and can help with crafting better-quality coffee.
  • Green Coffee - This term refers to unroasted coffee beans, also because they are likely to be yellowish-green in colour.
  • Hard Bean - Coffee grown at a higher altitude and at a low temperature tends to produce hard coffee beans that are less porous and of better quality.

Let us know in the comments which of these terms you are new to. 

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