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Irish Espresso Martini Recipe

Posted by Meera Nair on

Irish coffee has established a name for itself in the hearts of tipplers and coffee enthusiasts alike.

You may even find people who aren’t ardent fans of coffee nod their approval for this famed cocktail that was invented in 1943 by Joe Sheridan.

The Irish espresso martini is one such variation of a coffee cocktail and packs quite a punch not just because of the espresso that forms its core but also the nuances of the whiskey mingling with the coffee.

If you’ve ever wanted to whip up a cocktail at home, here’s how to make the Irish espresso martini.


  • 50ml cold espresso coffee
  • 25ml Irish whiskey
  • 25ml kahlua
  • 10ml sugar syrup or vanilla syrup
  • Ice cubes
  • 2-3 coffee beans (for garnish)


how to make Irish espresso martini


  1. Fill a shaker halfway with ice cubes.
  2. Add the espresso, whiskey, kahlua, and syrup. Shake this mixture well for a few seconds so that all the ingredients blend evenly.
  3. Strain the cocktail into a martini glass, taking care to leave the glossy foam on top.
  4. Carefully place a couple of coffee beans for garnish on the foam.

There really isn’t much to the recipe.

Once you make it, you’ll never find yourself looking elsewhere for a chilled alcoholic brew that warms you from within.

If you don’t mind the bitterness of the espresso, you can experiment by skipping the syrup altogether.

Two of our favourite Beancraft espresso roasts are the Pitalito coffee from Columbia and Kercha Woreda coffee from Ethiopia.

Discover what uniqueness they bring to a typical Irish espresso martini by mixing them in your cocktails.

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