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Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers (2019 Edition)

Posted by Vinod Jethwani on

If you have a loved one who is mad about their coffee, why not fuel their passion for the good stuff!

This silly season, we’ve created the ultimate coffee lovers gift guide. Included are a selection of our own Beancraft gift packs, as well as other recommendations for stocking stuffers that will impress the coffee-obsessed.


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



The Hario cold brew pot is an essential item in the fridge for every cold brew-lover. It makes the perfect beverage for those hot summer days and is a super affordable gift.

Simply steep coffee grounds in the internal permanent filter for up to 12 hours, combine cold brew with water and enjoy over ice - with milk or black. It's a great summer time cooler.

The Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee pot is made with high quality heatproof glass, as with all the Hario products, and is a gift that will stand the test of time. We’ve included two of our fave coffees in the pack so your coffee loving friend can get brewing right away.

Shop Cold Brew Bundle

Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



There are a lot of cheesy coffee-slogan T-shirts out there but this one is simple, cool and minimal.

The shirt and its brand Vixsa have been designed by two Australian mums, and we love to support local businesses. So this ticks all the boxes.

Shop Hello Coffee Tee


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



We’ve put together a filter coffee essentials pack, which includes our newest roast: Single Origin Hacienda Pilas from Costa Rica.

Sourced from a very special microlot within the Hacienda Pilas farm -La Virgen- this beautiful limited edition filter displays stone fruit notes and caramel-like sweetness. The plantation adheres to strict sustainable and social labour practices and is Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified.

We’ve teamed the Hacienda Pilas with our Kercha Woreda single origin from Ethiopia, as well the Hario Metal Drip Decanter and Mini Slim Pro hand grinder for the ultimate filter lovers gift pack.

The Drip Decanter has a finely etched mesh filter, which allows minimal sediment to pass through. This provides clarity in the cup, which you typically don't see from traditional paper filters.

Combined with the portable hand grinder from Hario, this set is perfect for home and holidays: perfect for the filter coffee fan.

Shop Filter Pack


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



A household name in Australia, Breville has come up with the goods for coffee lovers. The staff here at Beancraft HQ have these Breville Smart Grinder Pro grinders at home. We’ve tried and tested a few home mechanical grinders and can’t find better. Again, we have no affiliation; we just love them and reckon there’s some pretty cool technology on these grinders.

Smart ‘dosing’ technology automatically adjusts the dose for your needs. Choose between 'cups' for French press or Filter, and 'shots' for Espresso to get the right dose for your coffee's needs.

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is a conical burr grinder. This type of grinder is commonly used in commercial environments due to their consistent grind for a balanced extraction. They also turn more slowly to minimise heat transferring to the grinds to maximise flavour.

Serious coffee lovers will know that it’s best to grind on demand. This offers café-freshness that far surpasses pre-ground coffee. Available at most major home electrical retailers and department stores: shop around for the best price.


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



We’ve long been fans of the Barista Basics team. Their coffee courses teach how to identify all the key variables that go into making espresso-based coffee. “It’s a power session that combines cutting-edge barista techniques with expert knowledge and advice.”

An experience gift for the coffee fanatic who ‘has it all.’

Shop Gift Vouchers


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



Your parents probably have a retro model in the back of her kitchen cupboard but this Bodum Chambord in a flash copper finish brings the humble plunger into the 2020’s! Often overlooked, the French Press is a wonderfully simple way to brew coffee at home.

As coffee grounds are filtered through the fine mesh sieve, oils and fine suspended particles pass through into the cup, resulting in a richer, heavier bodied coffee than other brew methods.

We’ve combined the three cup Bodum Chambord French Press - perfect for your loved one’s morning cup - with our chocolatey Heritage blend and most popular cafe house blend Enchanté. 

Shop French Press Pack


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



Dreams come true with the beautiful coffee & chai body scrub from Butt Naked Body. With many benefits aside from the delicious scent, coffee grinds stimulate blood flow & promote collagen production. Massage it in with gentle circular motions and enjoy the soft supple skin as a result. It is not only vegan-friendly but also contains lush coconut oil and vitamin E.

We are not affiliated with this brand - again, just shouting out a small Australian biz so you can #shopsmall and #supportlocal

Shop Coffee Body Scrub


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



Our Heritage blend (think chocolate, orange and spice) and our high scoring house blend Enchanté come together in this awesome starter pack for the aspiring latte artist.

An accompaniment to our coffees is the sleek double walled ceramic Monty Cups from Fellow Products. The hidden parabolic slope within these cups lifts crema to the top without disruption for perfect latte art.

Your coffee fan can unleash their inner Picasso and pour latte art 'til their heart’s content. These cups are a beauty to behold, with their signature copper base. We’ve included a 2 x 6oz size in this pack.

Shop Latte Lovers Pack


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



Sadly it happens. We all have that friend who isn’t into coffee but drinks all the hot leaf water (by that we mean tea, jokes!). We’ve made a gift pack so you can shop here for them too. Featuring organic, speciality Camellia teas, this ultimate tea gift pack contains:

1 x Fresh Nine Spice Chai

1 x Chamellia English Breakfast Tea

1 x Chamellia Tulsi and Rose

1 x Chamellia Peppermint

1 x Bondi Chai Club Cinnamon

1 x Bondi Chai Vanilla Honey

Shop Tea Lovers Pack


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



Continuing the small business focus, we have found an Australian creative company who gets coffee onto your walls.

Olive Et Oriel lets you shout out your love of the dark Elixir with their “Short History of Coffee” poster. This is one of a whole category of coffee posters. 

Shop Coffee Posters


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



If you are in the Western Sydney region and have a coffee-loving foodie in the family, a gift voucher for AFTER DARK by Daily Bean would be sure to impress.

Located in Edmonson Park, Daily Bean cafe opens its doors on Friday and Saturday nights with a canapé and burger menu and serves beers, wines and fabulous cocktails to an upbeat crowd.

They serve our Enchanté coffee blend and the perfect way to end the night is with a Beancraft coffee Affogato. Contact Denis and the team on ph. 0431 297 622 and they can prep a voucher in a jiffy.


Christmas Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers



Cold brew coffee comes with a neat little bench top system and is a gift that keeps on giving.

Over the course of several hours, the Bruer extracts different components from your beans lowering the acidity and bitterness while unmasking the smooth, naturally sweet, complex origin flavours of your favourite coffee.

The top dripper lifts off to create a classy serving carafe, and with warmer weather around the corner, this cold brew system will be sure to get a heavy workout over the coming months. 

Shop Bruer System


We hope this gift guide has given you some worthwhile coffee-inspired ideas!

Let us know if we have missed any great local brands, so we can include them in our next gift guide!

Merry Christmas from the Beancraft team.


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