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Blue Batak Coffee - Indonesia - 200g - Beancraft

Blue Batak Coffee - Indonesia - 200g

The finest Indonesian beans, hailing from the Island of Sumatra are famous throughout the region & beyond for creating a seriously smooth and rich coffee. Grown at higher altitudes, this imparts slightly higher levels of acidity than other Indonesian coffees available and therefore a sweet, bold intensity with unique, complex flavours that coffee connoisseurs will love to ponder.

Enjoy a spiced vanilla aroma, with notes of malt, hazelnut & blueberry with subtle earthiness owing to its semi-washed process. Perfect as a milk-based morning coffee.

Note: Need it ground? just mention it in your comments while ordering. Make sure you check our brew recommendation images for the roast.

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Origin Lintong, Indonesia
Notes Malt, Hazelnut, Blueberry
Variety Typica, Catimor