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What Makes Australian Coffee Culture Unique

Posted by Meera Nair on

Coffee enthusiasts have so much to benefit from the cultures of the world.

Each of these cultures brings something interesting and unique to the coffee landscape, just like how filter kaapi that has become popular, wound its way from Indian to other corners of the globe.

The Australian coffee scene is no different.

Touted as one of the best places in the world for coffee, Australia’s coffee culture is quite unique due to various reasons.

Independently-Owned Cafes

Globally, coffee chains have undoubtedly played a role in the spread of coffee culture. But that’s not necessarily true in the case of the Australian coffee culture.

Due credit must be given to the other players in the market - the ones who’ve been in the business for the love of coffee, and whose skills have likewise fueled the country’s approach to the beverage.

95% of cafés in Australia are independently-owned. These cafés not only offer the crème de la crème of coffees but are also a treat to the eyes. 

As such, the market has been tipped in their favour for so long (and with good reason!) that it’s almost impossible for chain stores to sustain themselves. This in itself is a testament to the standards that Australians uphold with regard to coffee.

Locally Grown Coffee

coffees from australia

Coffee made its way to Australia during the onset of World War II when Italian immigrants brought with them espresso machines. Hence, the very first touchpoint of the locals was with espresso.

Gradually, they adopted the drink as one of their own, creating their own versions of the beverage.

Australia has a significant percentage of land covered by deserts. Not only that but it is considered to be one of the driest continents in the world.

Regardless of these less-than-opportune agricultural conditions, Australia also grows its own coffee. Arabica is one of the types of coffee grown here.

The coffees from Australia tend to have a nutty flavour. They are somewhat sweet, medium-bodied, and don’t have as much caffeine. 

Its less intense flavour profile makes it quite a unique addition to the coffees offered in cafes around the world. 

Australians’ Choice of Coffee

Coffee is consumed differently in different parts of the world.

While drip coffee is considered the most popular in the US, a lot of Australians typically prefer a flat white or a latte.

Australian coffee is defined to have an espresso style. A flat white is an espresso-based drink with creamy steamed milk on top.

Then there’s also the long black. Much stronger in flavour and aroma, it is prepared by adding a double shot of espresso to hot water.

Career as a Barista

One of the most pleasant aspects of Australia’s coffee culture is the emphasis they place on the entire process. From coffee producers to baristas, everyone enjoys their share of the spotlight.

Becoming a barista is no ordinary job in Australia. There are courses and championships that encourage people to pursue the path if their heart so desires.

In fact, Australia is home to some of the most skilled baristas in the world.

Influence of Australian Cafes

It is common knowledge that coffee is no mere drink for Australians. It’s an integral part of their lives, so much so that they’d any day pick a boutique café that offers top of the class coffees over sub-standard ones sold at some chain stores.

australian cafe culture

Cafés in Australia have been making espressos as early as the 1950s. Their approach to customer service and the art of making coffee in itself is so distinct that it has spread across borders. You’ll find Australian cafés in several parts of the world today.

Coffee as a Lifestyle Statement

As you can probably glean from all this information, coffee is such a lifestyle statement here that a significant percentage of the population frequents cafés daily to get their dose of the drink.

And this is in no way comparable to your usual coffee runs before getting to work in the morning.

Australians believe in relishing their coffee with ease, which adds such simplicity to the whole culture.

These are a few reasons why the Australian coffee culture is extremely renowned.

No matter where you reside, we hope that you someday get to visit the country that is often labelled as the coffee capital of the world. 

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