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Tools You’ll Need to Become a Home Barista

Posted by Meera Nair on

Some stumble into becoming home baristas by accident. One moment, they are trying to find the right combination of coffee grind to milk for their cappuccino. Too many versions later, they realise there’s no turning back. 

And then there are others who venture in excitedly, knowing all the cups of experimentation, the gadgets, and the knowledge reserves that await them. 

Either way, being a home barista can be as fun as you want it to be. After all, you and possibly your friends/ family are the only ones subjected to your mad passion for the beverage.

If you want to get serious about this passion, we highly recommend getting the following tools (at your own pace of course!) and transforming a little nook of your kitchen into the coffee setup of your dreams. 

Kitchen Scale & Measuring Cup

Baristas swear by precision. Using a measuring scale and/or cup allows you to follow the preparation steps down to a T without leaving room for error. 

This means weighing the right quantity of beans before you grind them or using cup measurements to proportionally add water for brewing. Get yourself an accurate kitchen scale from a trusted source and measuring cups.

Coffee Grinder

If you prefer buying freshly ground coffee, you can skip this one. But many baristas buy whole beans and grind coffee at home to optimise freshness. It also gives you flexibility in terms of opting for a different grind size each day in case you’re in the mood for a different brewing method.

grind coffee at home

You can choose between a hand grinder, which is essentially a portable option, or an electric grinder that does the job automatically. Research the pros and cons of blade and burr grinders before you invest in one.

Coffee Brewing Device

One of the best parts about being a home barista? You can treat yourself to filter coffee on Monday and espresso on Tuesday. 

We recommend that you taste-test coffee brewed using various devices first. Visit a coffee shop and get their espresso, the pour-over, etc. Some other brewing devices you could consider are the French press, the stovetop Moka pot, the Aeropress, and the South Indian filter coffee drip maker.


Having a kettle is a convenient way to add hot water to the coffee grinds when you choose brewing methods like pour-over or French press. 

Kettles with an elongated spout give you more control over adding hot water. So you may want to consider what kind of coffee brewing devices you intend to have at your disposal.


Get your nerd goggles on because your coffee skills are about to become even more elevated. Thermometers are an important tool in brewing coffee that is consistent and has been well extracted.

Moreover, when you are preparing milk that is to be added to the decoction, knowing the temperature of the milk is essential so that your coffee doesn’t taste different each time you brew it. Why would that be? When milk is heated, it reacts to the temperature and changes the way it tastes as it’s combined with coffee.

You’d also need a timer, but you can simply switch on the timer in your phone when brewing coffee at home.

Milk Frother

frothing milk for coffee

This is not a must-have tool. But milk frothers or steamers can create that perfect foam which, when layered with coffee, makes it all the more special.

You can create espresso drinks amidst other beverages like hot chocolate with a milk frother.

Airtight Storage Containers

As you probably know, storing coffee correctly is of the utmost importance. If it is exposed to light or oxygen, coffee can go stale really soon and even become unsafe to consume in the long run if not stored properly.

Get opaque, airtight or vacuum-sealed containers to store your coffee beans and leftover ground coffee.

With a good jar, you can also make cold brews that remain fresh in the refrigerator for longer.

Now that you know what tools you’ll need, go forth and become a coffee champion! We know you’ll be #craftingbeautiful for days to come.

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