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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Coffee-Loving Dads

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This Father’s Day, don’t make dad settle for yet another tie or wallet. Think about what he really loves – coffee!

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and come up with a list of our favourite coffee-themed gifts that all of the father figures in your life are going to love.

There's not a single sock or handkerchief included.


Bruer Cold Drip System

First up, something from our own collection: We have no affiliation with the Bruer brand other than choosing to stock them due to their sheer awesomeness. 

Cold brew coffee comes via a neat little benchtop system and is a gift that keeps on giving.

Cold brew system on a kitchen bench, coffee grounds dripping through

Over several hours, the Bruer extracts different components from your beans, lowering the acidity and bitterness while unmasking the smooth, naturally sweet, complex origin flavours of your favourite coffee. ⁠

The top dripper lifts off to create a classy serving carafe, and with warmer weather around the corner, this cold brew system will be sure to get a heavy workout over the coming months.


Breville Smart Grinder Pro

A household name in Australia, Breville has come up with the goods for coffee lovers. The staff here at Beancraft HQ have these grinders at home. 

We’ve tried and tested a few home mechanical grinders and can’t find better. Again, we have no affiliation; we just love them and reckon there’s some pretty cool technology on these grinders.

The smart dosing technology automatically adjusts the dose for your needs. Choose between cups for French press or Filter, and shots for Espresso to get the right dose for your coffee needs. 


Benchtop coffee grinder

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is a conical burr grinder. This type of grinder is commonly used in commercial environments due to its consistent grind for a balanced extraction. They also turn more slowly to minimise heat transferring to the grinds to maximise flavour.

Serious coffee lovers will know that it is best to grind on demand. This offers café-freshness that far surpasses pre-ground coffee. 

Set dad up with a gift that will make you the favourite child. 

Available at most major home electrical retailers and department stores: shop around for the best price. 


Teramuka Gift Pack

We’ve put together a filter coffee essentials pack, which includes our newest roast: Single Origin Teramuka from Kenya.

Sourced from a very special micro-lot from landowner Chania Mwahota Ikai, these Teramuka AA beans are loaded with berry and dark chocolate notes, with a super smooth mouthfeel and scoring nightly on all attributes. We’ve only roasted a small batch of this premium coffee, so get it quick. 


Glass decanter coffee dripper

We’ve teamed the Teramuka with a Hario Metal Drip Decanter and Mini Slim Pro Hand Grinder for the ultimate filter gift pack. This swish piece of brew gear will have dad looking like the ultimate coffee-nerd.

A finely etched mesh filter allows minimal sediment to pass through. This provides clarity in the cup, which you typically don't see from traditional paper filters.

Combined with the portable hand grinder from Hario, our Teramuka Gift Set is perfect for home and holidays.

Hint: check our website for other tasty filter roasts to add to this bundle.


Coffee Nerd T-Shirt

We’ve sorted through the daggy coffee-slogan tees to bring you some that will surely appeal to the ultimate coffee loving Dad. The molecular structure of caffeine is not too cheesy and is sure to please your old man.

t-shirt with coffee molecular structure

Or perhaps this Weapon of Choice Porta-Filter option.


Barista Course Voucher

Dad can legitimately boast about making the best home coffees when he has completed a short course at Barista Basics. 

Treat him to a 3-hour barista experience that will teach him how to identify all the key variables that go into making espresso-based coffee. 

Barista pouring latte art into a cup with a steel pitcher

“It’s a power session that combines cutting-edge barista techniques with expert knowledge and advice.”

A great experience gift for the dad who has it all.


Monty Milk Art Cups by Fellow Products

Monty cups are the latest sensation from USA coffee product maker Fellow Products. These sleek double-walled ceramic cups make for beautiful espresso drinks. 

monty milk art cups

The hidden parabolic slope lifts crema to the top without disruption for perfect latte art. Let Dad unleash his inner Picasso and pour latte art to rival his local barista. These cups are a beauty to behold, with their signature copper base. Available in 6 and 11oz sizes.


Hario Cold Brew Pot

At a lesser price point than the larger Bruer system, the Hario cold brew pot is an essential item in the fridge of every cold brew lover. 

Simply steep coffee grounds in the internal permanent filter for up to 12 hours, combine cold brew with water and enjoy over ice - with milk or black. It's a great summertime cooler. 

hario cold brew pot

The Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee pot is made with high-quality heatproof glass, as with all the Hario products and is a gift that will stand the test of time.


Monsooned Coffee

For the coffee connoisseur, who has tried them all, may we suggest our aged coffee from India: Monsoon.

Monsooned coffee is unique to India. After harvest, the green coffee beans are exposed to the annual monsoonal winds through open-sided concrete warehouses. 

As the beans absorb moisture from the humid winds, they expand in size and take on a unique flavour & colour. They present a reduced acidity, making them one of the lowest acidic coffees in the world.


Monsooned Malabar sports an earthy flavour and is surprisingly smooth with a heavy body, moderate sweetness and mild acidity.

Cupping notes of maple & nutmeg. This coffee needs to be aged a little to experience an awesome cup. We recommend it as a milk-based coffee brewed approx. 4 weeks after the roast date.

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