Coffee Desserts to Indulge In Beancraft

Coffee Desserts to Indulge In

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If you loved creating an affogato with the recipe we shared on our blog, you are going to love this post

Today, we are compiling some of the best coffee desserts you can make at home to find more creative ways to include your favourite coffee blend in other dishes.


No list of coffee desserts is ever complete without a mention of tiramisu. So we’re going to go straight ahead and start with this one. 

A recipe that originated from Treviso, Italy in the 1800s, tiramisu is a melt-in-your-mouth dessert that blends together the flavours of sponge cookies, coffee, mascarpone cheese, and cocoa. 

The preparation time doesn’t take long, but you’d need to place the dessert in the fridge for a few hours so that it’s set. In our opinion, that’s well worth the wait!

Mocha Brownie

Love the combination of coffee and chocolate? You can’t go wrong with some mocha brownies. 

mocha brownie

An American delicacy, brownies alone make for a great dessert. But when paired with coffee, the crumbly texture and the richness of the flavours leave you wanting more.

Follow through with a plain brownie recipe and add ground coffee to the egg mixture. Alternatively, you can also sprinkle a dusting of coffee and sugar onto the baked brownie for a subtle coffee flavour.

Coffee Jelly

How is it that a dessert that originated in the UK came to be known as a Japanese recipe? 

This recipe was brought into Japan ages ago and was assimilated into the lives of Japanese people so easily that it is now referred to as Japanese coffee jelly. It requires only a few simple ingredients like ground coffee, sugar, gelatin powder, and water.

You can make large batches of these (you had better because they’ll be gone before you know it!) and savour the bitter-sweet flavour of the dessert. 

A popular way of garnishing it is to cut up the jelly into cubes and pour cream over it.

Espresso Chocolate Mousse

You don’t need to make a trip to France to enjoy a good mousse. The word mousse that translates to “foam” has come to hold such a special place in the hearts of those with a sweet tooth. 

Similar in more ways than one to a pudding, mousse has a soft, airy texture. It can be a light dessert or an extremely decadent one depending on the recipe. 

espresso chocolate mousse

We think an espresso chocolate-flavoured mousse is the perfect balance regardless of whether you enjoy desserts that are too sweet or not. 

Coffee Flan

Did you know that the word flan comes from a German word that means “flat cake”? Well, pretty much everyone now understands a flan as a custard-like dessert that is soft and caramel-y sweet. 

This dessert has its origins in Rome when surplus eggs were used to make sweet and savoury custards. It is considered a Spanish dessert and is a little different from the French crème brûlée. 

When making flan, you can add the coffee twist by infusing the caramel filling with brewed coffee. This will not only balance out the sweetness but also give the dessert the coffee aroma you love.

Opera Cake

The opera cake is a French delight that is made with buttercream, coffee, chocolate, and layers of almond cake. 

The coffee flavour is woven into the layers of the opera cake and is integral to its overall flavour composition. 

Traditionally, the opera cake also has the word “opera” written on top of it with chocolate icing. The reason this dessert is named so is because the presentation looks like the levels of an opera house. 


Have you tried either of these? Which one is your favourite coffee dessert? Let us know in the comments. 

If you want to refill your coffee jar, check out our single origins and blends. They each have a flavour profile that would make these coffee desserts even more irresistible. 

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