Coffee Cocktails With Beancraft Brews

Coffee Cocktails With Beancraft Brews

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Holiday parties are made merrier with great company and a great table spread. If you and your friends love coffee, we’ve got some coffee cocktail ideas that you can easily make at home with Beancraft blends.

Iced Coffee Sangria

You wouldn’t ordinarily think of pairing coffee and wine together. And let’s face it, this cocktail might not be for everyone. 

But the tartness of a white wine when combined with the smooth flavour of a cold brew coffee along with orange juice makes for a refreshing drink.

Coffee Old-Fashioned

Bourbon, cold coffee, and orange bitters are the 3 ingredients you need to make the coffee old-fashioned.

If you prefer to skip the orange bitters, choose a coffee that has orange and cinnamon flavours for that spicy kick. The drink is served over ice and garnished with orange peels. 

coffee cocktail old fashioned


A popular Mexican coffee cocktail, the two most important ingredients of a Carajillo are coffee and Licor 43. Those who want to substitute Licor 43 can simply make this drink with brandy/ rum and a coffee that contains a chocolatey-citrusy flavour profile. 

That way, you still get the taste of Carajillo while making the drink your own. We recommend using our Colombian single-origin coffee, Pitalito for this cocktail.

Mocha Mint Mojito

For fans of mint chocolate, the mocha mint mojito is a cocktail worth trying! It combines three impressionable and equally delicious flavours - coffee, chocolate, and mint - in the most seamless blend. 

Get yourself a coffee that has a rich chocolate flavour profile. Perhaps the Brazilian single origin, Monte Alegre, or the Connoisseur blend. Both of them have chocolate tasting notes that will complement the mint mojito. You’ll need brewed coffee, white rum, mint leaves, and a sweetener as per your taste preferences.

Hot White Russian

If hot chocolate is not just a holiday drink for you, chances are that you’d love whipping up a Hot White Russian. 

This cocktail bears resemblance in flavour and warmth to the former. It is perfect for those who like rich and creamy cocktails. The ingredients you’ll need are vodka, brewed coffee, and cream.


You have probably not heard of Bushwacker but one sip of it is enough to bowl you over. This is the ultimate cheat day drink because of how heavy and sweet it typically is. 

Ideally, you’d need a handful of ingredients to make this coffee cocktail, but a simple version of it can be prepared with spiced rum, vanilla ice cream, coffee liqueur or brewed coffee, and coconut cream.

Make sure to choose a coffee that has a sweet or floral flavour profile.


Irish Coffee

The quintessential coffee cocktail that is known to pack a punch, Irish coffee brings together the smoky flavour of an Irish whiskey, the sweetness of whipped cream & sugar, and the boldness of the brewed coffee. 

irish coffee cocktail

If you are not particularly looking for a chilled cocktail, try the Irish coffee. It is usually served hot. Make sure you are able to layer the cream on top of the drink so that each sip gives you a balance of flavours.

Coconut Cold Brew Cooler

Add a tropical vibe to the night by making these coconut cold brew coolers at home. They are guaranteed to be a crowd favourite.

Set aside some coconut water and coconut cream. Make your cold brew as you would, and top it off with coconut water. You can either use coconut cream or milk if you prefer. 

Not too sure about the coconut and coffee flavours being a hit? Choose a more simple coffee blend to start with; something like our Heritage blend, which has orange, molasses, and cinnamon tasting notes that will complement the coconut flavour.

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